Change of Personal Details

Should you be changing your personal details, please remember to keep us informed. It will be important for you that all your details are up to date, before making an appointment.

Changing a child's name & address

Assuming this is a young child, the child's surname cannot be changed without the consent of both birth parents. Both will be required to sign a 'Change of Name Deed', along with a witness to their signatures. If prepared by a solicitor, they will sign as witnessing the process. If it is a lay process, any adult 'of sound mind' can witness the document. Names and addresses of all parties must be on the deed. Unless the parent has completed the process through a solicitor and has signed and notarised copies; only the original document is acceptable to prevent forged copies being presented.

We will therefore only change a child's name and address, when the above documentation has been presented to the surgery.

In the event of divorce or seperation

We have occassionally been asked to remove a patient's details from our system, as they have left their recent address. We will not be able to change any details without confirmation from the individual concerned.


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