Report Fees

Our GPs carry out a wide range of medical reports and investigations at the request of patients either directly or by other agencies such as solicitors, banks, local authorities etc. on their behalf. There are charges for this type of work because it does not form part of the NHS and is therefore classed as private income. The amount of work required varies greatly and has to be reflected in the level of fees but we always follow any guidelines issued and monitor our charges regularly to ensure that they are fair and reflect the amount of work required by the GPs and admin staff involved.
We would like to stress that even what often seems simply like signing a form would usually involve having to go through a patient’s notes to check medical histories and to remind everyone that with every signature comes responsibility. Also of particular importance is the protection of confidentiality and we always ensure that there is no third party information disclosed and that the requesting organisation has received the appropriate signed authority from the patient for us to release the information. 

Travel/Occupational Health Vaccines

Hep B Injection:  £36 per vac - full course £108

Hep B Booster: £40.50

Paternity Testing (mouth swab): £27.50

Froms/Reports/Letters of Authorisation/Certificates

Private Medical Certificate/Sick note: £22

To whom it may concern: £25

Holiday Cancelation Insurance Forms: £32  

Private Insurance Claim Form: £25/£35/£40

CSIW (working with children): £20

Application for Bus Pass: £25

Rest Bay/Convalscent Home Forms: £15

Welsh water/Council Tax forms: £30

Infectious Disease Notification: £3.36

Sporting/Activity Fitness (eg. Skydiving): £59

Fitness to attend gym: £25

Jury Exemption Certificate: £25

Letter or report to school (including Camo America): £21

Letter to support absence from College/University: £21

Armed Forces Questionnaire (paid by Armed Forces): £65

School Certificates (Fitness to attend): £22

Insurance Propsal (Insurance Companies)

Insurance Report only (GPR): £97

Insurance Questionnaire/Targeted Report: £40

Additional Information: £22.70

Medical Report: £80 - £120

Short Medical Reprot: £65

Private Work: Medical Examinations

Full examination report: £194.93

Report (no examination): £129.95

Court of Protection Report (COP): £120

Private Consultation (Overseas Visitors): £65

HGV Medical: £85

PSV/Taxi Medical: £85

Elderly Fitness to drive (DVLA): £85

Form IHA (child): £63.90

From AH (Prospective Carer): £73.86

Form AH2 (Update Report): £24.36

Cadets Medical: £60

Drug Trials Questionnaire

Simbec: £66

Synexis: £85



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