Clinics & Services

Contraceptive services

We provide a range of contraceptive and family planning services including advice for teenagers. In the first instance, please make an appointment with a doctor. Repeat prescriptions will normally be available through an appointment with a nurse.


Cervical Smears

Women are invited to attend for screening by the Cervical Screening Wales service. On receipt of the invite, please contact reception tel 01495 246531

Sexual Heath Clinics

Please click on the link below for information on the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Sexual Health Clinics and services :


Child Health

Childhood immunisations are held on certain Wednesday afternoons from September 2018.

Baby clinics: Health Visitors hold their clinics at the Ashfield Road site every Thursday afternoon.

Blood clinics

Blood clinics are run daily.




Diabetic clinics at Newrbidge Surgery are where patients are seen by practice nurses with a special interest in diabetes. Patients are requested to have their bloods and urine sent to the laboratory 2 weeks before their clinic appointment so that the results are back in time. Medication reviews can be carried out at this appointment to update repeat prescriptions, so no doctor's appointment is necessary unless the nurses are concerned. With regular checkups booked depending on patient results,they will become familiar with the nursing team.

The retinal screening programme is also carried out at the surgery, for the annual diabetic eye test to be performed. Patients needing this service will be contacted by letter.

To book any of these clinics please contact the surgery on the number 01495 246531




Asthma patients are required to be monitored in asthma clinic every 6 months. This is to ensure that patients are taking inhalers appropriately,and the dosage of medication. Patients are taught how to manage their asthma themselves with a management plan, so they are in control. The clinics are run by practice nurses who have a special interest in asthma. At the appointment, repeat prescriptions will be updated to last until the next appointment, which will be given according to the control of symptoms.

For an appointment please contact reception on the number Tel 01495 246531






The clinics are run by nurses with a special interest in Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease and are run on a selection of days. The aims of these clinics are to give support, and advice about inhalers or symptoms that patients would like to discuss. At this appointment repeat prescriptions will be updated if there are no problems.

For an appointment please contact reception on the number 01495 246531




Counselling is "talking therapy".  You can talk in confidence, without being judged, to someone who is trained to help and is not part of your everyday life. It gives you time to explore your thoughts and feelings about whatever is troubling you.

Counselling can help with a wide range of problems - from general feelings of dissatisfaction with life, to major life crises. These might include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bereavement and other losses, family and relationship difficulties, problems at work, or worries about illness.

People often visit the doctor with physical symptoms caused by these kinds of stresses.  Your doctor may feel that referring you to the counsellor might be more helpful than just giving you medication.

You will be given an appointment as soon as possible after seeing the doctor. If there is a significant waiting list your counsellor will let you know straight away.

As this is an adult service, the counsellor will usually see people over 18, but 16-18 year olds may be given appointments in certain circumstances.

Practice counsellors are qualified professionals employed by the Gwent Healthcare Trust as part of the Psychology Service.



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