Don’t forget that a Pharmacist can often be a useful source of advice about minor ailments and their treatments. The Pharmacist is an expert on medication and can advise on remedies available without a prescription.

Pharmacists may also be involved with us in managing changes in prescription drugs and similar matters and are also able to receive any unwanted medicines.

Contact Details

Boots Pharmacy, 2 The Market Place, Blackwood: 01495 225208

LLoyds Pharmacy, 2 Victoria Terrace, Newbridge: 01495 243456

Mayberry Pharmacy, 15 Main Street, Crumlin: 01495 244617

Pearns Pharmacy, 4-5 Victoria Terrace, Newbridge: 01495 248919

'James' (Pearns) Pharmacy: 9 Central Buildings, Oakdale: 01495 224315


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